Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Many customers like to do business locally, therefore, we need to make it easier for potential customers to find your website.

The main objective of Local Search Engine Optimization is to ensure presence on local Search Engines and Directories.

Internet Facts

  • Search engines are the #1 resource used by consumers looking for products and services from local businesses.
  • Internet search engines like Google or Yahoo! – 73%
  • Yellow pages telephone directory – 65%
  • Internet yellow pages – 50%
  • Your local newspaper – 44%
  • White pages telephone directory – 33%
  • Television – 29%
  • Direct mail – 20%
  • Consumer review Web sites – 18%
  • Radio – 15%
  • Entertainment coupon book – 10%
    • 25 Listings in Local Premium Directories including Online Yellow Pages
    • Profiles on Google, Yahoo and Bing
    • Local Map creation or optimization (if they already exist)
    • All the titles and descriptions used in the submissions will be optimized to help the website rank for its main keywords
  • How we do our Local SEO?

    The number of links a website has is an important factor to determine if the site will rank high in search engines like Google.

    That’s why we submit your site to local search directories such as Google Local Search, Online Yellow Pages, and other services that list by location.
    However, while the number of links is undeniably a consideration in the search engine’s ranking algorithms, the quality of these links is even more relevant. A single link from a highly-respected site will bring far more influence than a larger group of links from a variety of little-known sites. A website will get much greater value from a link created by one major leader than from hundreds of lightweight, minor links.

    What do we offer on our Local SEO?

    Our Local Search Engine Optimization Prices

    Local SEO Package = $ 1,000